My name is Tim. I am an Internaut & Life Enthusiast. This blog is a poorly curated mesh of pop culture, music, humor, and shit that i find interesting. Nosce te ipsum

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Chris Burden - Metropolis II

Four years in the making, and currently installed at LACMA
Watch a short documentary about it HERE

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Wait til I break through the clouds… #lifted

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Lurking Bill is a thing

Lurking Bill is a thing

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i was trying to find my favorite belt for like a whole 10 minutes. turns out i was wearing it.


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"As long as you make an identity for yourself out of pain, you cannot be free of it."

Eckhart Tolle (via alterities)

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i have watched this at least 300 times and have laughed every single time

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Tickets are on sale now!


Tickets are on sale now!

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