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Sous vide pork chop #homeeats

Sous vide pork chop #homeeats

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Thank you @royalblooduk for reminding us that rock isn’t dead yet #realdrumandbass #dnb (at Troubadour)

Thank you @royalblooduk for reminding us that rock isn’t dead yet #realdrumandbass #dnb (at Troubadour)

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realest thing I’ve seen in a while


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Dawn Golden has been creeping in on the scene with the release of his full-length album Still Life 5 months ago, which breathed life to a series of awesome remixes — including the one by Diplo above, as well as a recent feature on a dope Ryan Hemsworth track released last week on SoundCloud. 

Very aptly hashtagged on SoundCloud as #Sad Bangers, Dawn Golden uses the echoing sound of his low register and melancholic melodies to encapsulate feelings of isolation and yearning. What I’m loving right now is the balance of laid back alternative synth pop and hip hop undertones maximized through his collabs and remixes. I heavily recommend taking a listen through the album, especially “Sleight Orchestra” and the original “All I Want”. 

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Fortune cookie


Fortune cookie


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when you offer your friend your left over food



yeah but you should ask politely because they are their own person and don’t owe you shit.

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Some things friends/family in Hong Kong have shared with me today.

The people of Hong Kong are fighting for their right to democracy, free speech, and un-censored information. Protests have shut down major parts of the city. Police are attacking protesters with pepper spray and tear gas. Tanks are rolling through the streets.

In the West, Hong Kong is often lumped together with China. Many aren’t aware of the city’s incredibly complex, diverse culture, independent of China. Don’t overlook this. Don’t sit back as China breaks the promises it made to Hong Kong, endangering the lives and freedom of over seven million people.

Spread this like fire. We may be far away, but we can raise awareness.

SO IMPORTANT. Thank you for this, Ali.

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